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East Lyme CT: Ch.7 & Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Finding yourself in rough financial circumstances is nothing to be ashamed of. After the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the subsequent recession of 2007 many families that considered their situation to be well-off woke to a new reality in which their savings had been depleted and interest rates rose beyond their control. People who were unprepared for this set back (as in just about everybody) soon faced the daunting prospect of possibly filing for bankruptcy. For many the idea of bankruptcy means failure and the stigma that comes with filing a Ch. 7 or Ch. 13 bankruptcy can be the reason many people try to avoid this financial remedy for as long as possible. No one wants to be viewed as a failure, but when the collection calls continue into the early morning hours, your home is in foreclosure and threats have been made to repossess your car then it's time to take action.

The Truth about Bankruptcy

For many the term bankruptcy means failure. From starting a small business that didn't work out to mismanaging your own personal finances, the idea that you need to be bailed out of mounting debts is often seen as a weakness. While this may be true for some cases it is not the only reason people have money trouble and judging from the state of today's economy it is not surprising that many smart people are considering filing a personal bankruptcy to put an end to harassing collection calls and get out from under suffocating interest rate payments. Bankruptcy is not meant as a punishment or embarrassment but rather as a way for people to restructure their outstanding debts in a manner that lets them to continue to work and pay off their debts and establish sound financial footing that will make falling into such a situation again unlikely.

Debt Relief CT

Dealing with debt can be frustrating, time-consuming and confusing. When you fall into debt a number or parasite organizations will try to take advantage of your money woes and start sending collection bills for things you never signed for. Most of these are fly-by-night scams but enough have been successful in getting money out of people who didn't know better. The first thing you need to do when dealing with debt is to seek professional and legal counsel so you know your rights and what steps need to be taken to stop the collection calls and start paying back the money you owe.

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