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Bankruptcy Cheshire CT: Ch.7 & Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

These days it's not uncommon to experience financial hardships. The lingering recession that has extended unemployment and driven stock markets into a retreat has made it very hard for average families to keep up with expenses. The banking and real estate collapse that shook the markets in 2007 continues to have an adverse effect on jobs and income and unfortunately many people living in Connecticut have had to make difficult decisions regarding their spending. If you live in Cheshire, CT and need to speak to a professional bankruptcy attorney about filing a Ch. 7 or Ch.13 bankruptcy contact the law offices of Chris Carrozzella today.

Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Twenty years ago filing for bankruptcy was seen as being a failure and something to be ashamed about. Today, though, because of the global recession many people who make decent salaries are forced to file for bankruptcy because their spending has far exceeded their income. Families that earn over six figures may find themselves struggling to pay a mortgage that is now beyond their means or have piled up credit card debt with an interest rate that is impossible to manage. If this sounds like your situation, you are not alone. The early 2000's promised prosperity and wealth and many people bought in blindly racking up debt on homes, cars, credit cards and student loans believing the growth would continue. When the bubble burst these same people were left out in the cold while many banks got bailed out.

Don't Give Up

While bankruptcy is a bitter pill to swallow it doesn't mean giving up. People who face evictions, car repossessions and defaults on debt have rights and when you speak to experienced CT bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella you can feel the pressure drop as he calmly and clearly explains your rights and how you can get harassing collection agencies to stop calling you while you work on a solid plan to get your finances in order and your debt paid off. If you live in Cheshire, CT and find yourself struggling to pay mortgages, bills and credit cards get a free initial consultation with bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella. Once you've taken that important first step towards regaining control of your finances you can start planning for a better future.


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