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Bankruptcy East Haven CT: Ch.7 & Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Getting into debt and having your expenses exceed your income is a dangerous way to live your life. Unfortunately for many people this reckless financial plan has become a reality since the banking system collapse and the lingering recession that began back in 2007. Even more unfortunate is how many people choose to ignore the warning signs and continue to rack up debt on multiple credit cards and take out payday loans against future earnings to pay off monthly expenses and other past-due loans. If you or someone you know in the East Haven, CT area is struggling with money and is considering bankruptcy filing contact bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella today.

Bankruptcy Attorney Chris Carrozzella

A caring and knowledgeable attorney who has years of experience helping people file both Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcies Chris Carrozzella knows how chaotic money situations can get and his personal, one-on-one consultations are designed to explain in simple terms your options when facing a bankruptcy filing in Connecticut. Many people put off contacting a lawyer due to embarrassment or feelings of failure but take heart in knowing many successful businesses and individuals at some point in their career had to file for bankruptcy to keep from going under. Mark Twain, Larry King and Henry Ford are just a few of the well-known people who had to bite the bullet when it came to finances before striking it rich on their own.

Live a Happier and Better Life Out of Debt

Even if you don't have dreams of directing a huge business empire or literary career getting yourself out of debt is one of the best options you can make in regards to living a happier and better life. Once you admit that your money is not working for you and is in fact keeping you from living life on your terms you are ready to take the necessary steps to getting back on sound financial ground so you can start to build again. Contact bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella today and get back to saving money instead of spending it.


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