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Bankruptcy Attorney Covering New Haven CT

Due to a lingering recession and weak employment outlook many people and families have had to face the prospect of bankruptcy. Even people who were doing well only a few years ago and had money saved, either in stock options or pension plans, have had to deal with the cold reality of the near crash of capitalism and how the economic set back has diminished wealth portfolios the world over. People who live in New Haven, CT and are facing debts that far exceed their income may want to look into filing a Ch. 7 or Ch. 13 bankruptcy to stop the rising interest rates and collection calls.

Bankruptcy Attorney Chris Carrozzella

Bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella has years of experience in Connecticut navigating individuals through the daunting task of filing a bankruptcy claim. While the claim itself is fairly simple (you're broke) the laws surrounding the protection of assets and how a debt is to be structured among creditors is a complex process that requires the counsel of a professional bankruptcy attorney.

Professional Bankruptcy Lawyer New Haven

New Haven is a medium size city in Connecticut but people here have been hit just as hard by the recession as anywhere else and now might be the time you sought professional advice in dealing with debts and loan obligations that are beyond your means. With the help of bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella you'll get hands-on attention and a thorough explanation of your options when filing a bankruptcy claim and how you can take back control of your financial situation.

There are two types of bankruptcy options available for individuals: Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 filings. Ch.7 bankruptcies are concerned with liquidating debtor's assets so they can become debt-free as fast as possible while Ch. 13 filings attempt to re-structure a debtor's income into agreed upon payments to a creditor. Depending on your situation is wise to look into both options before deciding on a bankruptcy plan.


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