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Bankruptcy Attorney Niantic CT: Ch.7 & Ch. 13

If you find yourself in a tight financial situation that has you in debt now is not the time to panic. Not everyone is good with finances and for many accounting and money management is not only complicated but also confusing. So when someone who isn't very good at managing their finances finds that they have maxed out several credit cards and are behind on their mortgage the first instinct is to panic. When banks threaten a foreclosure on your home and collection agencies say they will repossess your car it's only natural to feel anxious. However, even though you may owe thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars you still have rights and there are bankruptcy laws that can protect your assets. Experienced bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella has over 25 years experience helping individuals in Connecticut successfully file for bankruptcy and better manage their finances.

Initial Free Consultation

People who are in debt often feel that the steps it will take to get out of debt will be too expensive to afford. Many lawyers charge from the start and if you're already in debt to several credit cards the last thing you want is to spend money you don't have. Chris Carrozzella offers a free initial consultation that can help answer questions you have about bankruptcy, the difference between Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcies and the process for filing in the state of Connecticut. In order to successfully manage debt you need to see a clear picture of the situation, something you may not have due to the stress caused by owing so much money. Chris Carrozzella helps alleviate this anxiety by explain your rights and how bankruptcy laws are designed to protect people in debt so they can pay off the debt and start fresh.

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

Most people in debt aren't just sitting around hoping it gets better. Many are working several jobs to stay above water and that's why bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella offers evening and weekend appointments to work around your busy schedule. Weekdays can be difficult for people to get time off and some people work second jobs on weekends to make ends meet. With a flexible appointment schedule you can work out an evening or weekend time that works best. Getting into debt isn't the end of the world, staying in debt however, is a serious problem. If you or someone you know has reached the end of their financial rope, contact Chris Carrozzella today to schedule your free consultation.


*Free Initial Consultation*
Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

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