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Bankruptcy Branford CT: Ch.7 & Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Living on the Connecticut shoreline isn't exactly cheap and if you live in Branford, CT or the surrounding area and have found yourself in debt or struggling to make payments on loans, mortgages and other debts it may be time to seek professional legal advice concerning a Ch. 7 or Ch. 13 bankruptcy filing. Filing a bankruptcy doesn't mean you are a failure or too dumb to succeed but ignoring soaring interest rates and missing the minimum payments on credit cards will quickly snowball into a financial mess that may have creditors lining up to take back your possessions. If you are suffering under debt and need relief contact experienced bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella today and find out all the options you have for better managing your money and your future.

Not Everybody Is Recession Proof

When the global recession struck in 2007 many people were caught off guard and found that the stocks they owned were suddenly worthless and their bank savings had disappeared with the bailout funds and golden parachutes. Debate will always rage about how fair some bailouts were but if you got stuck with the short end of a bad deal you're not alone. However there is no safety net ready to catch you and hand over millions in funds so you can stay solvent. Your debts are truly your own and if you are having trouble keeping up with payments it may be time to seek legal assistance.

Branford Bankruptcy Attorney

Branford is an expensive town and if you bought a house or condo in the area prior to the recession you may find yourself behind on a re-financed mortgage or even property taxes. Unfortunately realtors and mortgage lenders aren't as forgiving as Congress and the bills will keep coming until you act. Contacting an experienced bankruptcy attorney such as Chris Carrozzella gives you the consultation you need to understand your situation in legal terms and the steps you need to take to better manage your money and debts. Chris Carrozzella has years of experience helping individuals with debt relief in Branford, CT and can certainly help you get a grip on your spending so you actually have some left over to set up a plan to pay off debts and loans. A simple phone call to Chris Carrozzella can turn your worst case scenario into a life changing decision that will get you back on sound financial ground.


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