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An East Hartford Bankruptcy Lawyer

Money can be a tremendous burden. There is a saying that goes, "more money, more problems" but today a more apt statement would be "more debt, more headaches". Unfortunately, due to the housing crisis, the ongoing recession and high unemployment numbers many people are struggling to keep pace with mortgages, credit cards, student loans and other debts. People who were well-off even three years ago suddenly found the tables turned and could no longer afford to live the life they were accustomed to.

Not dealing with debt problems won't make it any easier. Most debts include interest rates and that means if you neglect to pay your balance each month you are being charged an additional percent every month. Over time this can add up to thousands of dollars. When people are in over their head and have maxed out several credit cards and are past-due on other payments it's very easy to want to run and hide. But credit collectors will find you and the harassment won't stop until you take control of your situation.

Although bankruptcy may seem a bitter pill to swallow, for many people it is the smartest decision they can make concerning their finances. Trying to juggle debt and make only the minimal payments on your balances will only lead to more frustration and deeper debt. A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 individual bankruptcy may be the best recourse for solving your debt issues.

Rather than continue to spin your wheels and rack up more debt, the best option for someone living in Connecticut is to contact experienced bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella to arrange a consultation that will spell out in simple terms what your options are for eliminating debt.

Covering all of Connecticut, bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella has helped many residents stop harassing collection calls and get back on sound financial ground through successful individual bankruptcy filings. You can continue to tread water with your debt or even try to file a bankruptcy on your own but the intricacies of these financial matters can easily lead to you making mistakes that will only compound your problem. The best remedy is to contact the law offices of Chris Carrozzella and set up a FREE consultation that will help you take the steps you need to get out of debt quick.

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