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West Hartford CT: Ch.7 & Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Losing control of your personal finances is a serious matter. When you max out credit cards and only pay the minimum amount due every month, have two or three mortgages on your home and put off paying student loans and car payments you run the risk of becoming delinquent. Missing payments and allowing interest to accrue is a fast track to getting into debt you can't afford. If you live in West Hartford and are struggling to keep pace with payments, contact the law office of bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella.

Is Bankruptcy the Right Move?

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings are extreme measures, but for some it is the only recourse. When collectors are calling day and night, the bank is threatening foreclosure on your home and creditors are about to repossess your car it's time to take action. Simply ignoring the problem will only lead to a worsening situation that could leave you homeless and on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just because you are in debt doesn't mean you have committed a crime. However failing to control the situation and watching as it spirals out of control will create money problems you can't handle. Before you decide to file for bankruptcy, seek the counsel of a professional bankruptcy attorney to determine if filing a personal bankruptcy is the right move.

What happens if I don't file?

If you decide not to file for bankruptcy and have debt over six figures you may want to pray for a miracle or the winning lottery ticket. If you think credit card companies, mortgage lenders and banks are simply going to forget your outstanding balance, think again.

Collection's is a huge industry and lenders pay good money to ensure they get their money back. Some problems you can run from but debt is not one of them. If you don't file a personal bankruptcy and continue to accumulate debt the consequences can be severe. In some cases you may be in danger of losing your home, your car, valuable possessions and damaging your credit score beyond repair.

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