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Bankruptcy Hamden CT: Ch.7 & Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Living in Connecticut isnít cheap. High taxes, property taxes and the cost of living make the Nutmeg state an expensive place to live and work. Because of this even people who make decent salaries can easily find themselves in financial trouble trying to keep up with mortgage payments, credit card debt and other costs. Itís not out of the question to learn that your friend who clears over six figures a year is contemplating bankruptcy filing to manage the overwhelming amount of debt obligations he or she faces. Bankruptcy can happen to even the smartest of investors so itís nothing to be ashamed about. However, if you ignore the warning signs and donít take steps to curbing your spending habits what seems like a minor problem can very quickly cost you your house, car and other possessions.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Hamden, CT

If you or someone you know lives in the Hamden area then help is not far away. Experienced bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella has a sterling track record of helping people from all professions navigate their way through complex Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcy filings. The word Ďbankruptcyí is intimidating and can easily cause feelings of dread and hopelessness. When many people hear of bankruptcy they immediately associate it with failure, scams and lack of intelligence. Though this is true in some cases bankruptcies are actually much more common than most people know and it doesnít mean you are stupid, naÔve or a cheat. Money can be very complex when tied in with mortgages, securities, bonds and investments and itís very easy to lose track of the bottom line. Someone who thinks they are doing OK can actually be sinking into interest payments they canít possibly afford and then the panic strikes.

Take The Necessary Steps

Donít let intimidating collection agencies and foreclosure notices ruin your life. Take the necessary steps to resolving your financial situation with the help of experienced bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella. Offering years of experience, a hands-on approach that treats each client with respect and the legal know how to turn seemingly insurmountable debt into manageable payments is what makes Chris Carrozzella the most trusted name when it comes to handling bankruptcies in Connecticut.


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