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Wallingford Connecticut Bankruptcy Lawyer

No one wants to admit their finances are in shambles. People are proud and even when facing high interest rates and mounting debt few want to concede that a personal bankruptcy filing might be the only option. If you or someone you know in the Wallingford, CT area is struggling with balances on credit cards, past due car payments and threat of foreclosure due to an unpaid mortgage contact experienced CT bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella.

Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Filings

With years of experience dealing with Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcy filings, Chris Carrozzella has the insight to help you get control of your debt and make sound financial decisions that will lead to a debt-free future. Admitting your debt is beyond your ability to pay is the first step in resolving the issue. Ignoring credit card statements, blocking calls from collection agencies and trying to avoid the bank looking to collect on a mortgage will only worsen a bad situation.

People who thought that creditors would simply forget or forgive small home loans, five-figure credit card debt and past due payments on used and new cars are now facing legal action to collect on money owed. Just because major banks got a bailout doesn't mean you will too. The sooner you take legal action to protect your car from being repossessed or your home being foreclosed on the better your chances of getting out of debt and staying on a path of financial freedom.

Get Bankruptcy Facts and Information

With one phone call to experienced bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella you can get the facts and information you need to start planning for a better financial future. Most people in debt are so caught up in the negativity that accompanies money problems that they forget they have rights too. With the expert guidance of bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella you have someone on your side that will fight to ensure you don't get bullied by banks, collection agencies and credit card companies. Being in debt is not a crime. However, it is a serious matter that needs serious action so when you've had it with harassing credit collection calls and the threats of foreclosure call Chris Carrozzella and start fighting back.


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