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Bankruptcy West Haven CT: Ch.7 & Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for individual bankruptcy is happening a lot more frequently these days. With the national unemployment rate at nearly 10%, a recovering economy slowly limping back to pre-recession output and stock portfolios now worth only a fraction of what they were even two years ago many people are faced with the difficult process that is filing for bankruptcy. Individuals in cities such as West Haven, CT have two options when dealing with debt: file a Ch.7 bankruptcy or a Ch. 13 bankruptcy claim.

Bankruptcy Doesn't Have To Be a Bad Things

Bankruptcy is a word with many negative connotations including failure and incompetence but when looked at closely one can see that bankruptcy laws were put into place to help protect people and businesses from falling further into debt and digging a hole that is impossible to get out from. Once a person can get past the stigma with filing for bankruptcy they can then begin to think clearly and make better informed decisions regarding their spending habits and financial future.

When you start to consider bankruptcy as a viable option for dealing with debt it is best to consult with a professional and experienced bankruptcy attorney. Many lawyers have specialty practices and bankruptcy is a field that can keep lawyers busy year round. If you or someone you know living in the West Haven area needs help managing mounting debt then get the help you need with the expert services of bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella.

Get a Personal Hands-on Approach

In addition to his years of experience handling all kinds of bankruptcy cases in the state of Connecticut bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella has the personal hands-on approach that makes it easier for people struggling with debt to feel better about their situation once they know the facts of bankruptcy filing and what it means to their future. Unlike a punishment or jail term bankruptcy laws are designed to relieve people in debt from rising interest rates and tricks in credit card fees that often sneak in extra charges and compound an already difficult situation. With Chris Carrozzella you get straight facts and expert legal advice on how to handle your financial matters.


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