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Bankruptcy Attorney: Milford CT

If you or someone you know in the Milford, CT area is struggling with debt, collection calls and mortgage payments contact the law offices of experienced bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella. The recession that has plagued most of the world since 2007 is still forcing many people to tighten their finances and seek debt relief to deal with large balances on credit cards, car payments and other bills. When collection calls begin to harass you and panic starts to set in when you worry about cars being repossessed and homes foreclosed on it's time to call on the professional help of CT bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella.

Don't Be Intimidated

Many people feel intimated by banks and lending institutions. The small fine print of contracts and the threats of legal action often get people to succumb to incredibly high interest rates and loan conditions that just aren't fair. The biggest misconception people have when facing bankruptcy is that they don't have any rights. This is simply not true. Though you do have an obligation to pay back debt you owe, that does not mean you can be bullied by collection centers at all hours of the day and have a home foreclosed on. When you sit down with bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella you get the facts and information you need to make informed decisions about managing your debt.

Pay Attention to Your Home Loan

No one was ready for the real estate meltdown and housing bubble burst that occurred in 2007 and 2008. Home loans were practically given away and since then banks and lenders have had to scramble to cover their losses. You may have purchased a home or condo in Milford, CT that you thought you could afford only to find out that now you are behind on payments and facing foreclosure. Don't give up your home at a fire sale price. Contact the law offices of Chris Carrozzella today and find out how a Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcy filing can help protect your assets when dealing with debt management.


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