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Debt Relief CT

The hard economic times have affected just about everyone. From the real estate and housing collapse to the liquidation of major banks money has become a major concern. People who once had a handle on investments and credit now find themselves in precarious positions and in some cases debt that they can no longer manage. Even in Connecticut many individuals and families who were fine just a few years ago are now facing foreclosure on homes, harassing calls from credit collectors and the threat of repossession of cars and other assets. If you live in Connecticut and have reached rock bottom in terms of debt contact bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella today and get started on a debt relief plan that can return you o sound financial ground.

Able to Manage Your Financial Situation?

Some analysts try to lighten the mood of the state of the economy by saying it is a global problem and not just exclusive to the United States. This provides little comfort for people in Connecticut who have lost their jobs, have fallen behind on student loans and credit card payments and can't afford their mortgage. When money becomes an issue it affects your entire life and can lead to depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The threat of foreclosure on a home or credit default causes many people to act irrationally and often leads to even worse financial decisions that only compound the problem. Stop looking for the quick fix or waiting for the lottery to save you, call bankruptcy lawyer Chris Carrozzella now and get a handle on your debt.

Experienced in Both Ch. 7 and Ch. 13

Experienced in both Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcy filings in Connecticut, Carrozzella can help individuals and families understand their rights when it comes to fending off debt collectors and find solutions to what seem insurmountable problems. When you get into debt you don't think clearly and you need someone with in-depth knowledge of the bankruptcy laws so you can make the right decisions regarding your debt management. Banks and collection agencies often play on your fears and can force you into making a rash decision that put you into even more debt. With the legal counsel provided by Chris Carrozzella you have someone on your side who will fight to see that your rights are respected and that a plan is put in place to help pay off your debt in a way that is reasonable and manageable.

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