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Chris Law: Stop Foreclosures

Dealing with bankruptcy is hard enough without having a bank or lender threatening to foreclose on your home. When the real estate bubble burst and the global recession began in 2007 many banks were quick to issue foreclosure notices on thousands of homes. The panic and fear that accompanied the financial crisis left the door wide open for banks and lenders to strong arm their way into making people quickly sell their homes for fear of foreclosure and eviction.

Keep Your Home

However, if you are involved in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Connecticut you may still be able to keep your home. This is a fact many bankers don't want you to know since many people facing outstanding debts can be easily intimidated with threats and notices. If you fear that you may lose your home contact the law offices of bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella and find out your rights when fighting to stop foreclosures.

Unfortunately there is lot of misleading and just plain false information regarding foreclosures and the louder it is the more unsuspecting homeowners are apt to believe it. The first mistake people in debt make is assuming they have no legal rights. The media doesn't help by presenting conflicting messages about the real estate industry that only leaves homeowners even more confused about the status of their home.

Sell or Save Your Home

If you are in debt and struggling to pay a mortgage in Connecticut you basically have two options: sell your home or save your home. If you chose to sell your home you should consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney who can help with a loan modification plan or a forbearance plan. With a loan modification a lender will work with you to restructure the mortgage so it is more affordable for the homeowner. With a forbearance plan you agree to a re-payment plan with the borrower that may involve an up front lump sum payment and then agreed upon monthly payments over the next 6-18 months.

No matter which road you choose to save your home get the facts before you do anything. With the help of bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella you can take the necessary steps to stop foreclosures and save your Connecticut home.

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