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Get Out of Debt in CT

Are you afraid to answer the phone? Are you concerned the bank is about to foreclose on your home? Do you avoid opening credit card statements? If you live in Connecticut and are having trouble managing your debt it's time to call experienced bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella. Due to the ongoing recession and the high unemployment rate many people are struggling to make ends meet and for some the interest rates on credit card debt, student loans and mortgages has become too much to handle. If you are serious about getting out of debt take that important first step and face up to your financial situation by getting a free initial consultation with Chris Carrozzella.

Don't Make Poor Financial Decisions

When people get into debt they often make poor decisions. Like a gambler who can't accept that the dice just aren't rolling his way someone in debt often worsens the situation by taking out more loans, activating new credit cards and forgoing payments on existing credit cards. These actions only stall the inevitable: you may need to file a Ch. 7 or Ch. 13 bankruptcy in Connecticut. The stigma of bankruptcy is often what keeps people from filing. Overcome with grief and worry people now feel as if they have failed and won't ever recover. When you speak with Chris Carrozzella you get the facts about bankruptcy filing and also realize that you have rights that can help stop a foreclosure and put an end to harassing calls from collection agencies.

Own Up To Your Financial Mistakes

Owning up to mistakes is never easy but when it involves your financial stability it's imperative that you get professional help when dealing with debt. Spiraling further into debt can have dire consequences for your home and family and you may be surprised to learn the options you have for consolidating debt and paying off loans under the Connecticut bankruptcy laws. Chris Carrozzella has years of experience navigating the complex laws of Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcies and his consultative approach to debt management helps you better understand the situation so you can not only get out of debt but take steps to ensure you don't get into debt again.

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