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NACBA: National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Formed in 1992 to combat credit card companies having free reign in re-writing bankruptcy laws to punish consumers the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys is dedicated to serving the needs of consumer bankruptcy lawyers and protecting the rights of consumers filing for bankruptcy. The organization now boasts over 4,000 members in all 50 states including Puerto Rico and has had a great impact on critical court cases affecting the rights of consumer bankruptcy debtors. Experienced Connecticut bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella based in Wallingford is a proud member of this advocacy group and works hard to ensure the consumer's rights are heard and protected by the highest courts in the country.

Attorneys Were On Their Own

Prior to the formation of the NACBA consumers and their attorneys were pretty much on their own when battling lenders and credit card companies. Not only did big credit companies have the deep pockets to outspend for legal resources but they also used their influence and clout among Washington lawmakers to change the bankruptcy codes in their favor so consumer debtors had almost no recourse of action to protect themselves from unfair interest rates and hidden clauses buried in contracts that gave them the legal right to keep people in their debt indefinitely. Far from forgiving consumers for making poor decisions regarding credit spending the organization was created to give voice to a growing number of people who felt cheated and coerced by credit card companies that make it nearly impossible to keep up with varying interest rates that were often raise without the cardholder even knowing.

The NACBA and Chris Carrozzella

Dismayed by what seemed to be an unlevel playing field the NACBA took action to start defending the rights of consumers who were being held hostage by credit card companies and lenders who refused to grant a "fresh start" to anyone struggling to make payments. Now the advocacy group has the attention of lawmakers and judges and more importantly the credit companies to let them know that consumers will gladly fight back if they feel they are being treated unfairly because of debt or a bankruptcy filing. In addition to helping consumers in debt find experienced attorney's in their area to help fight bankruptcy cases the NACBA also sponsors annual conventions and workshops to provide more information to lawyers and people in debt so they can effectively manage their debt without feeling pinned down by big government and one-sided laws. Chris Carrozzella has been a member of the NACBA for several years and has diligently worked with the organization to help provide resources and information for debtors and bankruptcy attorneys looking to relieve debt and beat back harassing creditors. An experienced bankruptcy attorney serving most of Connecticut Chris Carrozzella is well versed in the terminology and proceedings for Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcy filings.

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