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For over 30 years, attorney Christopher Carrozzella has devoted his legal efforts to helping people get through their legal matters.

He will take the time to work with you and determine the option most effective for your situation. Rest assured, the Law Office of Christopher Carrozzella will have your best interests in mind.


Are you having trouble keeping up with the rent or a mortgage? Do credit card companies sic the collection dogs on you morning, noon and night? Is your student load past due and the interest rate being increased? Don't feel like you are the only one. The current recession and unemployment nightmare has left many people struggling to keep up with payments that they used to be able to handle. If you or someone you know in Connecticut is struggling with debt and seems to be losing hope take a deep breath a contact expert bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella today.

The stigma of bankruptcy often leads to feelings of shame, humiliation and failure. Its bad enough you have a lot of money to pay back but when panic, anxiety and depression start up the problem is only compounded. Experienced bankruptcy attorney Chris Carrozzella concentrates in taking the myth and fear out of a Ch. 7 or Ch. 13 bankruptcy filing and explains to you in clear terms how you can begin to take the necessary steps that will get you our of debt and back on your feet. If you feel collection agencies and other debt collectors are bullying and threatening you it's time to get professional help on your side.

With years of experience dealing in Connecticut bankruptcy law and a friendly hands-on approach that takes the fear out of facing debt obligations Chris Carrozzella is just the man you want you in your corner when taking control of your finances. Sound, professional and reliable Chris Carrozzella offers his bankruptcy services in many Connecticut towns and cities including New Haven, Waterbury, Meriden, New Britain and Seymour.


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